Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'Acting with love'

Sue Pickering is featured in an article in this month's Journey (a publication of the UCA Queensland Synod). Sue has a passion for social justice and has spent time in India working with women. She said the phrase, 'acting with love' was her starting point. 
'I believe that the heart of the gospel is love, not in a warm and fluffy sense, but in a challenging sense. How can we honestly say we are acting with love if we are supporting injustices and failing to respond with compassion and mercy even in the most difficult circumstances? Acting with love for me is about acting with integrity, with a preference for the poor (in its widest sense), challenging understandings and systems that oppress and bring about injustice, which will undoubtedly in some cases bring discomfort and unrest for others. Acting with love for me is a challenge to consider my actions, responses and values'.
Sue is leading an 'in solidarity' trip to India this month, with a team of six women from her congregation. 

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