Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hungry no More celebrates 10 years

Juleen Villis
Rev Juleen Villis is in placement (0.5) with the Hungry No More (MNM) project. It is a response to the identified need for a free community meal with some Christian input for people in the Mount Barker region, and especially for those who are homeless, lonely, poor, and/or have suffered depression and addiction problems. The broad volunteer base includes five UCA groups, a local Anglican church, a Rotary club and individuals, and provides and serves a weekly meal,  with a smaller group of volunteers committed to the week by week organisation of HNM and to the children’s The Mount Barker linked congregations have employed a youth worker and a junior youth worker for HNM - each for 3 hrs/week. The main aim is to build a Christian community that includes and empowers people who have often been excluded, rejected and forgotten.

HNM started as a meal with a ten minute devotion in February 2001 and this month celebrates ten years. Congratulations to the team who has fanned this initiative into life and sustained it for ten years!

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