Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rev Adam Tretheway, refugee advocate

Rev Adam Tretheway, refugees advocate
Rev Adam Tretheway along with Andrew Clarke, two of the UCA's refugee advocates, brought a proposal to the October UCA Synod meeting in SA, calling upon the government to reconsider detaining people seeking asylum in Australia who are unable to obtain any form of visa to come to Australia, other than for the brief period required for security and health checks.
At the full meeting of the Synod, members voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.
As a consequence, the Uniting Church SA has called on the Prime Minister to put an end to the use of Mandatory Detention. The Moderator Rev Rob Williams will write to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Leader of the Opposition, the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and  the three independent Members of the House of Representatives, asking each of them to end the use of Mandatory Detention.
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